Making a range of work using different materials that in effect becomes the poetry to narrate this artists world. The main materials used are ceramic, lead, steel and acrylic paint, and by looking through these portfolios it is possible to see the diversity of the talent and skill and her curiosity around the materials used.

The work can be split into several catagories. From more recent large scale statement piece ceramic vessels, to representations of dramatic & vast landscapes. Finally not to forget early career figurative pieces that were heavily influenced by a childhood upbringing on the African continent.

Recent explorations delved into the potential of the clay material, which led to large scale ceramic sculptures underpinned with steel support, and where welding became a new found tool. This work can be seen in the Sculpture Section.

Finally for a more frivolous peek you may want to look at The Quite Frankly! Lighting Range, where you can purchase quirky & mood lighting either made or renovated by her good self.

Please feel free to peruse the portfolios, most has been sold but if you are interested and you want to buy something or commission please get in touch!