sold in situ

Nothing is more heartwarming than when clients send pictures of their newly purchased artworks in situ. Here are a few examples from the North Of Scotland to the South of England. Artworks have also reached the other side of the world.


IMG_0413                         20170304_103226                     Photo0065

securedownload          securedownload copy           IMG_0409

43119264_167825227472834_5791258903207477248_n        IMG_0423       IMG_0404


42342001_328468711256161_5653818648360386560_n             IMG_0422           41280744_464980457321996_2707489650448007168_n


43748279_484509055375958_694572035115843584_n                IMG_0406               securedownload-1-300x225



IMG_0419                   IMG_0415



IMG_0880                    IMG_3675                IMG_1160