Over the years  new avenues for sculptural work gets developed.  By exploring the natural process of rock formation and erosion the main focus is the language of the clay material. This exciting new direction gives less importance to creating and designing a stylised form and more on what the clay material can achieve through manipulation. By exploring the receptive nature of clay, the cavities and voids pertaining to the emotional self are made visible.

This unique work, both 2D and 3D attracts major interest. Something a collector or large corporate environments looking for unique and commanding pieces should consider. Through contact with the rugged South West landscape, obscure rock formations of South India and bleak barren moorlands up on high, a language has been developed that reflects the ephemeral nature of the makers emotional world. As an artist known for working with clay and acrylic, explorations with welded steel and mixed media in recent years have given way to the renewal of the life of selected cast off materials such as slate and lead. Please click on the images for information and prices.