artworks for sale

All current work for sale is displayed here. If you are interested in a piece of work seen in the Haworth gallery and it is not on show below it will have been sold.

If you wish to make a purchase please email or phone using the details on the contact page. Sonje prefers to communicate directly with you for your purchase and discuss payment options and collection or delivery specifics, therefore you cannot buy direct from this website. Items can be posted out using specialist couriers or Royal Mail and will incur an extra cost.


Large Red & Gold Kettle Ceramic H 16 inches Front & Rear Views £300

100_1162  100_1163  100_1168

Large Red & Gold Kettle Ceramic H 18 inches Front & Rear Views £320

100_1170   100_1171   100_1175

Denim Cone Small H 8 inches £70 each

1.181189030_363931605060283_5235621865014298933_n   2. 181643898_240754024497271_7394198845537107903_n

Copper Mist Small Cone H 8 inches

£90 each


The Artistic Journey-

A Yard and A Half of Shetland Claith 

For more information go to Zetland Page on this website

Giant Mussel Shells £300 each .

Six available

Sizes vary Approx. L 15-17 inch x W 9 inch x H 5 inch

1.100_1140   2. 100_1143

3.100_1145  4. 100_1148

5. 100_1150 6. 100_1153

Seaweed in The Voe -Platter Porcelain Glazed £180. Four available.

Mounted on Round Board for Hanging £200 ( No. 3)

Sizes Vary Aprox- 14 inch diameter

1.100_1157 2. fullsizeoutput_2b7



100_1192    100_1194

Porcelain Shards Individually Priced £25-45

fullsizeoutput_2be        fullsizeoutput_2bd

Incense Holder/Soap Dishes/Decorations

fullsizeoutput_2c1     fullsizeoutput_2c0


       fullsizeoutput_2c4           fullsizeoutput_2c3

fullsizeoutput_2c7   181279092_214210696821497_64778386713899120_n

Porcelain Buttons

£4-10 each various sizes

fullsizeoutput_303       fullsizeoutput_2fc      fullsizeoutput_2fb


fullsizeoutput_2fa       fullsizeoutput_2ff      fullsizeoutput_2f9




View From Above I & II £650 each and Around The Edge £650

Acrylic and Mixed Media

fullsizeoutput_351    204760039_144153184371628_881371807388005690_n-1    fullsizeoutput_350



Light On The Water – Tresta Beach 2021

Wood Acrylic & Ceramic Aprox 85cm x 30cm each

£425 each unframed or £500 framed

100_1682         100_1684


Earth Button Ceramic & Steel H 20 inch W 20 inch D 3 inch


fullsizeoutput_2bc  fullsizeoutput_2bb  fullsizeoutput_2ba

Up The Track – Mixed Media on Wood Panel.

Aprox. L36 inches


 100_1207   181092078_736195343718067_5029725264879706139_n   100_1208 

Ceramic Wall Piece Aprox. L 36 inches £250

181788245_770879123819478_2404625591456253202_n    fullsizeoutput_2c8

At The End Of The Day All That Is Left 2003

Mixed Media H 56 inches W 42 inches


fullsizeoutput_2ae  100_1179  WP_20160618_001

Like A Diamond 2017 Triptych

Acrylic on Canvas  H 39 inch W 60 inch POA

fullsizeoutput_2af  fullsizeoutput_2b0


Portraying The Silence 2003

Ceramic Hooks & Books Set of Two Books only and Three Hooks still available £220 for all.

100_1212    182231366_556243312029440_824128041322580702_n

Trip The Leat Fantastic 2017

Ceramic Resin & Lead. W 11 Inches


100_1235   fullsizeoutput_266

When All Water In Your Dreams Turns To Dust 2017


Each Piece H 1.3m W 1m Acrylic & Mixed Media & Lead

£3000 both or £1800 each

fullsizeoutput_201 fullsizeoutput_200 100_0689 100_0698

fullsizeoutput_1ff 26194094_10215475102616718_266212939_o 2 26194094_10215475102616718_266212939_o

The Colours That Cannot Be Changed 2017

Lead, Ceramic & Acylic H 39inches W 20 inches D 2 inches


fullsizeoutput_21c     100_0676     fullsizeoutput_20d

fullsizeoutput_20e    100_0678     fullsizeoutput_20f

Along The Culvert 2019

Mixed Media & Resin H 19 inches W 17 inches (unframed size)

£325 each

fullsizeoutput_2cc   fullsizeoutput_2cd   fullsizeoutput_2c9

Life Drawing Prints A4-A3 Size £25 -30

fullsizeoutput_2cf   fullsizeoutput_2ce   fullsizeoutput_2d0

fullsizeoutput_2d2    fullsizeoutput_2d1